Monumental pages (4m/5m) are in suspension in space as a huge open book that is loosing pages. "Traces" of a memory.The semantics of words become an abstract graphism mixted with materials , all inclued in two leaves of fluid plastic. A sensitive " Braille " ...
" thousand leaves" (that 's also the name of a cake in France).
A created paper (one or more) is inclued between two sheet of Plexiglass which are carved ,"thermoformed" ...
Confrontation between an organic "surface" and an industrial one.
Association of differents 2D elements really create a sculpture in 3D; maybe the difference between a sheet and a book as the object.
Banners in suspension are hung at the high of the sight: we discover one after one, on both sides.
The conception begin with the creation of the material and the base of colors; like something alive, growing. The fact that the colors is included in the banner give much lightness and the composition of the right and wrong side (inverse picture) with the same base.
Few squares canvas form the work.
Decomposition of sentence, of the meaning.
The confusion is accentuated by a double surface who created an effect of transparence (magnifying glass and streaked) and superposition.
Papers build a body shape like a skin envelop telling a lot about Inside fellings...
Writting on and Inside...
Installation: bodies play together and with banners (40/150) made in coton.
Men are represented , like in Antic Crete, in black ; Women,in white.
Derivation of the polyptic in a long fresco (12 Meters long). 140 paintings (each 21/21cm) are hung on a metalic structure with the design of an electroencephalogram with an evolution. At the beginning the writting is regular following the line of the paper and the Plexiglass(which is fixed on, with 5 cm in between) is forming. This evolution really mean something, as a critic of the human nature or the evolution of humanity. Each drawing is signed with the DNA and numbered from 000 to 100 . The transformation is constant until 090, getting more and more disorganined,red and violent, and saturated (we can't see what is behind the plexi)
Then the end until 100, is like a rebirth,white and pure .
Drawings and Handwritting on original drawings of scarfs of Carven and Charles Boissy.
It goes to a saturation, using the contraste and the colors that appear behind. It is work on both sides in different ways : one very thin, and on the other side an expression more like graph (example). The metal frame create an interesting connection with a delicate medium.
Decomposition, as pixels, of clothes. The arrangement of the squares recompose the shape of a body or a part of.The material is playing with graph paper wich is handwritted like if it was shin : as a tattoo or strong fellings that pierce a protective exterior.
Gœthe Institute - Santiago in Chile